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FCC Reliability Monitoring
Many refiners experience undiagnosed changes in FCC unit performance. Often, its months before clarity are brought to these situations, unfortunately many times too late to prevent unplanned shutdowns. Realizing and understanding these changes in real time leads to better unit performance, more control over operating costs, and minimizes unplanned downtime

FCC Reliability Survey Results

Survey of FCC reliability issues faced by refiners today.

Todayís refining environment results in the immediate creation of massive amounts of data. There is often a sizable time gap between data creation and data analysis resulting in missed opportunities to improve performance and reliability. Astron International can turn these data into valuable actionable information in near real time for your FCC unit. 

Astron International offers a FCC Reliability Monitoring System (patent pending) to identify changes in FCC unit performance in near real time, including mechanical performance and product yield shifts, to enable the refiner to take timely action. The below figure illustrates the Astron Internationalís system at a high level and compares it to a manual time intensive process used for reliability monitoring today.

The FCC Reliability Monitoring System can be implemented in two ways - (a) on-site and (b) off-site. In the on-site implementation the system is installed on the customerís network, integrates with the DCS/Data Archive and generates reliability reports and alerts in near real time. 

In the off-site implementation, the system resides on Astronís secure servers and the customer sends FCC unit data electronically to it on a regular basis. The system analyzes the data and sends the reliability report and any alerts to the customer in a very short time frame.

For more information on the FCC Reliability Monitoring System please email or call (281) 589 6600.

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