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Welcome to Refining Online

 ______What's new?______
- Latest Q&A Question No. is 5827
- Mobile ROL Assistant Software: ROL Assistant is now available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
- TSS for Hydroprocessing: Regular analysis of your unit operating data.
- FCC Reliability Management: An FCC reliability solution to minimize unplanned downtime.

______ROL Market Window______

  5/24/2016 5/23/2016
Brent Crude (fut) $/bbl 49.08 48.12
Nat.Gas (fut) $/MMBtu's 1.98 2.06
Gasoline RBOB (fut) /gal 164.40 164.31
ULSD NY Harbor (fut) /gal 150.46 147.55
DJIA 17,706.05 17,492.93

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